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Jety-Oguz balneal-climatic resort is located on the north slot of Terskey Ala-Too, in Jety-Oguz gorge. At an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level, by Jety-Oguz rocks in a Jety-Oguz river valley, in the most pictorial place with coniferous woods, at 28 km distant from town Karakol and 329 km distant from Bishkek.

The resort location, which is in the south of the average widths, leads to a big deal of hours of sun radiance, high sun irradiation voltage, enriching with ultraviolet rays, making less dusty, high air ionizing. The year sum of sun radiance is 1828 hours. The atmosphere pressure is low - 602 mm. mercury pole. In the summer the average month air temperature is +13-15ºC, in the winter - the coldest temperature compare with others resorts Kyrgyzstan.

It was built in 1931. Since 1965 the resort works all year. There are 300 rests for treatment. There is an access to 2-3 person rooms with beds ands conveniences. The existence of unique thermal waters with content of radon made this resort as climatic-balneal.

The mineral waters are valued with their curative characteristic. The water temperature is 25-42ºC. The water is not salty, without smell and taste. It consists of bromine, iodine, manganese, nickel, lead, zinc, aluminum, chalk, copper, biological active component-radon.
There is mud therapy specializing hospital, mineral baths, curative food buffet.

The basic curative factors are thermal waters, which are weakly and midly mineralized, also waters of chloride-natrium-calcium composition. The main feature of these mineral waters is high content of radon and doesnt have any competition in the world. There are also some curative ooze mud form Jergalan field, electro-light treatment, subsurface shower-massage, gynecological watering, curative exercises, swimming pool massage.

Recommendations to the treatment of next diseases: supporting-motion system, bone-muscles system, gynecological and skin cases. The water from a wellspring 6 is used for treatment of stomach cases. Some baths, shower, mud, massage, acupuncture, curative gymnastic, some outdoors, terrenkur, tourism are used for treatment too. The term of treatment is 10-20 days. There is a cinema, a library, a pool. The local people call this place as Beirek (buds).

78 km South-East of Bishkek located Issyk-Ata valley and spa complex based on local sulphur hot springs known since 2-3 centuried A.D. The hot springs also give the hot water to 3 public outdoor swimming pools built on the hill over the valley. Upstream Issyk-Ata river (30 minutes hike) there are 10 ...

Issyk-Kul lake
Issyk-Kul lake
Enclosed on all sides by the snowy peaks of the Tien Shan Mountains, lake Issyk-Kul literally meaning hot lake is said to be the worlds second-largest alpine lake or second highest navigable lake in the world after lake Titicaca in South America, the lake never freezes even in the depths of winter ...

Djalal-Abad is famous for its spas. There is a legend that the water from the Hozret-Ayub-Paigambar spa cured lepers. According to the legend there was a grave, a mosque and the khan's palace near the spa. The Djalal Abad sanatoria, Kurort, is based on one of the spas on one of the hills overlooking ...

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