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High altitude mountain tourism

High altitude mountain tourismClimbing and trekking activities above 4000 m a.s.l. Kyrgyzstan provides a venue for the most extreme climbers in the world. The northern Tien Shans highest summit is Peak Pobeda (7439m); first climbed in 1943, Pobeda is the most northern seventhousender of Earth. Not far from Peak Pobedy rises Khan Tengri (6995m), "Lord of the sky", this towering pyramid first climbed in 1936 each summer attracts climbers from all over the world.

In the south of Kyrgyzstan in the Pamirs is Peak Lenin ( 7,134 m ), with easy routes up its broad face this peak attracts climbers going into altitude for the first time. High altitude climbing in Kyrgyzstan shows great potential for growth, with no peak fees and easy access the area could become a destination point as Nepal and Pakistan.

Ak Sai (Ala Archa National Park)
Ak Sai (Ala Archa National Park)
Description To the south of Bishkek lies the Kyrgyz Ala Too. (Too, or Tau, means range I Kyrgyz.) with the highest summit Simyonov Tien Shan (4875m). There are several good climbing areas here, but in Ala Archa Park the walls of Ak Sai White River glacier are the most popular. This region has some ...

Enylchek Glacier/Peaks Khan Tengri and Pobeda
Enylchek Glacier/Peaks Khan Tengri and Pobeda
Description The Enylchek (sometimes Inycheck) glacier is one of the worlds largest glaciers with its south fork extending 62km. The north fork lies in Kazakhstan leads to the base camps for the northern approach to Kahn Tengri. Near the head of the south fork two peaks, Khan Tengri Lord of the Spirits ...

Kokshall Too range
Description The Kokshall Too Forbidden Range, is located on Kyrgyzstans Chinese border. It was a closed military region until the late 1990s when the first western expeditions visited the region. The Soviets had climbed the highest peaks, Dankova (5982m) and Kizil Asker (5842m), but the region as ...

Peak Achiktash 7134m (formerly Lenin)
Peak Achiktash 7134m (formerly Lenin)
Description Along the shared borders of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and China lie the Pamir-Alai mountain range. While this area does not offer much in the way of technical routes, it does provide a great area for hiking and mountaineering in remote mountain ranges that see very little traffic. The highest ...

Description In the tangled borders of southern Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan lies a field of soaring granite towers in the Karavshin Valley. The Soviet climber Vitaly Abalakov visited the area in 1936 with geologists, looking for tin and other metals. To this day the remains of the mining camps can be seen ...

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