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Cultural & Eco-Tourism

Talas region

Talas region

ns-rd In 20 km to northeast from the city of Talas at the skirt of mountain Manastyn-Chokusu on coast of the mountain river Ken- l, there is an interesting monument connected with a beautiful legend. According to the legend, many centuries back, here the legendary hero of the Kyrgyz epos nas has been buried. The mausoleum of XIV century ns-rd - a tomb constructed as a tomb of the daughter of Emir. But the legend says, that it is a tomb of ns, built by his wife Kanykei, who to not attract the attention of enemies wishing to profane the memory of hero, ordered to write in an inscription a name of the daughter of Emir. In the territory of complex ns-rd there are sak-usun barrow burials (I century BC) and monuments of Ken-Kol tomb dated I-II century BC, which belonged to Huns who came to Central Asia. Here it is possible to examine tomb stones - stone sculptures (balbals) of VI-IX centuries BC, as well as one of the thirteen stones with the rhon-Yenisei inscription.

Talas State Reserve. The gorge Besh-Tash is to the south of the city of Talas on northern slopes of Ala-Too. On slopes grow undersized juniper trees, some places passing to picturesque groves of the park type. Here at the height of 2997 m. there is a pond-like lake Besh-Tash of turquoise color. Here many marmots are found in vicinities. In Besh-Tash the sports-tourist complex with pool is created, horse routes are developed.

Chon-Kapka the gorge of Echkili-Too ridge on Talas river, here the Kirov water basin is built. In the territory of area there are more than 70 lakes, many of which are small, high-mountainous, of a glacial origin.

Chui region
Chui region
BURANA TOWER - THE RUINS OF ANCIENT BALASAGYN 75 km east from the city is a 25m-high tower, which dates from the 11th century and is all that remains of the ancient city of Balasagyn. The name Burana most probably comes from wrongly pronounced word Monara which means Minaret. Minaret is an obligated ...

Issyk-Kul region
Issyk-Kul region
PETROGLYPHS OF CHOLPON-ATA Issyk-Kul Open Air museum In Cholpon-Ata is the most accessible and visitable part of North Issyk-Kul accumulation of the petroglyphs. The petroglyphs were carved and painted onto the surface of some-granite and granitoid boulders that have been burnt black or brown by strong ...

Naryn region
Naryn region
SONG-KUL LAKE The largest lake in Naryn area is Lake Song Kul, lying at 3016 metres amongst steppe vegetation. It is 29 km long, 18 km across and 13 metres deep. The lake is home to countless wild geese, ducks and other waterfowl. It is one of the loveliest spots in Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by alternating ...

Jalalabat region
Jalalabat region
SARY CHELEK NATURE RESERVE Sary Chelek nature reserve is located in the west of the country in the valley of Chatkalskiy range in the Hodja-Ata river basin where apple woods meet walnut forest. Highest mountain ranges and blossoming valleys, high windshaped cliffs and rushing rivers, green woods and ...

Osh region
Osh region
SULEYMAN-TOO Suleyman - Too is a hill in the heart of the city, rising 175m from the floor of the valley of the Ak Buura River in which Osh is located to an altitude of 1175m. It is surrounded by the bustle of the busy city center surrounds. The hill lies in an East-West orientation and is 1140m long ...

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